"High-speed Internet" doesn't even begin to describe it.

Multiple devices? No problem. Streaming HD video? Easy. Accessing large data files in a flash? Bring 'em on. A home full of gadgets is no match for the full strength of our fiber network, as several users can get the most from their cell phones, laptops and tablets — all at the same time.

Surf the Web like you live your life — in real time.

Get all the Web has to offer, streaming live. Play online games wirelessly, watch news feeds and follow your favorite teams, all without missing a beat. If you want to experience life as it happens, this speed will keep you in the loop.

Do more than just check email.

Don't let its place at the bottom of this list fool you — you can do a lot with 4 Mbps. Download music, shop online, do your banking, use your social networks, connect wireless devices. This is what the Internet is all about, and it's right here at an affordable price.

Bundling Tip: Save money and time by bundling Internet service with FairPoint phone and/or TV service. See local offers for details.



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