Wholesale Customer Escalation List


Wholesale Service Center Escalation Guidelines <Updated January 2016>

Wholesale Help Desk (WHD) - Guidelines

Hours of Operation for each center can be found on the individual center’s escalation list.

STEP 1: These lists must be used prior to moving to Step 2

Direct links to Wholesale Business Unit Escalation Lists:


Step 2: Only, in the event that you have exhausted the Wholesale business unit escalation path (found in the above links in Step 1), should you contact your FairPoint Wholesale Service Manager as follows:

(Please be prepared to provide confirmation that the escalation channel has been exhausted when contacting the Service Manager)

Wholesale Customer Wholesale Service Manager Office Phones Cell Phones
AT&T (incl. Wireless) Mark Collins 603.656.1674 603.703.9356
Sprint (incl Wireless), Windstream, CenturyLink, Level 3 / CLECs Claudia D'Amato 603.656.1503 603.703.9269
EarthLink Business, MetTel, T-Mobile, Cable Companies, CLECs, ITCs Lisa Miller 603.656.8018 603.657.5439
Bayring, Granite Telecommunications, US Cellular, ISPs, Other Wireless Carriers Sarah Grant 603.641.1765 207.747.9863
Verizon (incl. Wireless) Sue Robishaw 603.656.1518 603.703.9323

Email address list used to communicate with FairPoint Wholesale Teams